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Records related to court hearings, sessions, and proceedings are stored and maintained by the Missouri State on an online automated case management system called Casenet. Case net is responsible for documenting and maintaining records of various cases and their trial period reports.

Most courts in different states of the United States use an automated case management system to safely store the documents and records. These records are also made open for public access to bring transparency into the judicial proceedings.

Some of the records and documents that can access and found on Casenet are:

  1. Case Number Search
  2. Litigant Name Search
  3. Filling Date Search
  4. Judgment Index
  5. Scheduled Hearings/Trials
  6. Payments for Records

The general public can access all these records on the official Casenet website for Missouri State:

MO Casenet Case Number Search

People want to access the case files using the Case Number and get relevant information to use the official Casenet website. However, to search with the Case Number, people will have to know the general information. The requesting party shall be aware of the case number and the court they want the case to be searched.

Entering specific information into the platform will help narrow down the search results and reflect the appropriate and desired case information. If a person is not aware of the case number to search by that method, they can get the case number from the Litigant Name Search section. However, a separate set of information will be required for the Litigant Name Search.

People searching by the Case Number Search method must be well aware of the correct case number as the system will not be able to tack the case information with partial or numbers and wildcards followed by asterisks.

How to Search with Case Number Search

  • Go to the official website for Case Search on Casenet: > Case Number Search (
  • Once a person has logged into the portal, they will get the option under Case Number Search to enter the required information mandatory for the search.
  • The required information to be entered by the requesting party is the Case number.
  • The requesting party also has to select the option to select the case from a specific court with the drop-down list. Information for Court cases outside of the list included in the drop-down menu is not provided by the Missouri Casenet website.
  • People have the option to cross-check their case number from the Litigant Name Search portal on Casenet to enter the correct number and avoid mistakes in the search process.
  • The system will not accept numbers with asterisks and partial number entries, and the information will not be provided aptly.
  • Once all the information mentioned above has been selected and entered, people can press the Find option to access the records.

All the information available on the Missouri State Casenet website that the general public can access are official court records and can be used for reference purposes in the future. No kinds of edits to the existing documents can be made on the Casenet web portal.

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