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To make the judicial system more public to the people in Missouri, the government has published all court records and case details on the MO Case Net website in the form of a digital repository.

They are available only to the public of Missouri state, who can access docket entries, judgments, and charges in the public court with various search options, one of which is the Filing Date Search.

What is the Filing Date Search?

Filing date Search

In court, the filing date refers to the date and time the District Attorney (DA) files charges with the court. This is the date the decision is filed in the clerk’s office and noted in written text into official court records. The document or form of complaint is delivered to the court clerk, who officially files it on this day.

For better organization and hence, enhanced and easy accessibility, any Missouri citizen can visit the website and search for cases based on the filing date. They can use the “Filing Date Search” and enter the tentative date of filing the case with the Missouri Court.

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How Can You Look for Cases Using Filing Date Search?

Anyone wishing to access records of the Missouri Court can visit the Case Net website for the repository. To directly access the Filing Date Search, click here.

By choosing to filter through the courts, they can also select the courts to be searched in. On the Case Net website, the information for the following cases are available:

  • Civil Cases
  • Paternity Cases
  • Adult & Child Protection Order Cases
  • Criminal Cases
  • Appellate and Supreme Court Cases
  • Other Cases

How to Get Relevant Results?

To narrow down results, the citizens can:

  • Specify the case’s status, i.e. whether the case is in progress, pending, or has been disposed of.
  • Mention the case type using the Case Type Code or Case Type Description.
    For example, the Case Type Code could be Q1, QD, JI, CM, IS, TY, R2, ET, Y4, etc… depending on the family of cases one is looking for and D1, JP, DA, ID, TH, RK, etc… based on the circuit.
  • The county and location are the geographical filters to help get relevant results by knowing where the case proceeding took place.

Once all the details have been specified, the user can proceed to click Find. The digital database will show results as all the cases within 7 days from the date entered, the ones matching other search terms specified and filters applied.


The initiative taken by the Missouri state government is quite useful for the citizens to look into the details of various cases and understand the nuances of the cases. The Filing date search option helps in organization and getting details quicker without browsing through thousands of cases.

With basic knowledge of the filing date, the status of the case, case type description, and location of the court proceedings, the citizens of Missouri can now easily access various records and details of the cases in the state’s judiciary.

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