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Casenet is a case management system that handles records, including dock entries, judgments, charges, and more. These records are related to cases in Missouri state court, and Casenet is an attempt to make the judicial system more public. People can access these records from the official Missouri court website to redirect the user to the Casenet link.

Casenet has a range of records and information for the public to access, such as:

A person can access records of cases in Missouri State by using the Litigant Name Search option. In Litigant Name Search, searching parties can use the last name of the Litigant. A Litigant is usually referred to as a person or a business party to the lawsuit. A Judge or an Attorney presiding over the case cannot be included under the Litigant Name tag.

To use the Litigant Name Lookup method, the requesting party must enter the Litigant’s last name. The Last name has to be accompanied by the court name where they want to search for the case.

It is preferred if the requesting party is well aware of the first or middle name of the case or Litigant and the year in which the case took place. This helps the system narrow down the search result to specific cases and sort them according to the requirements. 

MO Casenet - Litigant Name Search

How to Search Litigation Name at Missouri Court Portal

  • Got to the official website of Casenet:
  • Under Litigation Name search, the requesting party will have to search criteria for cases and the last name of the Litigant under the Required Information section. People also have the option to check the “include Alias Information” option for further details of Aliases.
  • Casenet has a section for optional information as well. Requesting party can include the First name and Middle name of the Litigant along with the Case Type and Year the case was filed. This helps in narrowing down search results for the system. 
  •  Once all the information has been added, a person can instantly select the “Find” option and get their desired results.
  •  The Litigation Name Search Page also can help search with Municipal Division or Ordinance Court Information for further details in the case history.

After a requesting party has filed for the search, relevant search results related to the case number, Litigant Name, and case history are displayed on the page. The requesting party can search within the results and get the desired information easily without much hassle.  

8 thoughts on “Case.Net Litigant Name Search”

  1. Lisa Lake says:

    I have not been able to access Casenet in nearly two weeks.
    I contacted the prosecuting attorney’s office to ask if the site was down. They checked and said they had no problem getting on Casenet and had no idea why I wouldn’t be allowed access to the site.
    In 2019, my son had been attacked and nearly killed. The case was finally heard in Lincoln County, Missouri and I was attempting to learn the details of the sentencing. I can’t get on Casenet but I’ve heard that there is no update posted yet even though the court date was October 12, 2021.
    Please tell me what is wrong.

    1. Sarah Moe says:

      Hello Lisa Lake

      Please use this link to access Missouri Court (Casenet) – if your accessing site from outside USA Missouri Casenet portal wont open for your. please try it with VPN is not an official website of Missouri court

      Thank you

    2. I’m not able to really exactly tell you what’s going on with case net but about 2 weeks ago my girlfriend started complaining about it acting weird and that doing anything right how it usually does and she told me that it changed and I never noticed any kind of difference in it all. But in the last couple days I seen the change she was talking about and also became restricted somehow from me and able to load the page

  2. Lisa Y Chittim-Ganus says:

    how far back do the records go? I am looking for 1980-1984 cases.

  3. James CRhodes says:

    Have been trying to get on says empty response. How do I correct problem

  4. Bruno Ollendick says:

    I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta admit thankyou for the post on this great one : D.

  5. Brendan Orn says:

    There is certainly a lot to find out about this subject. I love all the points you have made.

  6. Teresa Drussa says:

    I get nothing but zero results from MoCasenet for cases I know are there.
    What is going on?

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