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The Missouri Department of Correction (MODOC) is responsible for handling information on inmates and prisoners under the state of Missouri. The department has an offender search page that can be accessed by Missouri Inmate Finder. Missouri Department holds records from minimum, medium, and maximum Missouri prisons and county jails. The information and records of the inmate include name, gender, race, booking photos, booking date, and distinguishing features.

To search for an inmate and view a profile on the MO Inmate Finder, the requesting party shall have the DOC number along with the inmate’s first and last name.

Missouri Inmate Search

The MODOC offender search includes inmate records from various Missouri county jails and police departments, including St Louis County, Jefferson County Sheriff, Boone County, Platte County, and more. 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is a division of the Department of Missouri of Public Safety. It is responsible for taking people into custody if they violate laws set by the highway patrol agency for Missouri. Information regarding these prisoners is also made available on the Inmate Finder.

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How to Find Missouri Inmate Search Records

The Missouri Department keeps official records of incarcerated people in corrections and detention centers in the state of Missouri. The administrative records include information such as inmate’s arrival, incarceration, release, transfer. 

People wanting proof about a person being incarcerated in the recent past can get access to their information and view profile with the DOC ID number from the official website: MODOC Offender Search

MODOC Inmate Lookup
official MO Inmates Searches site
Missouri State Inmates Search

Steps to log in and Search MO Inmates

  • Visit the official MODOC Offender Search Website and enter the Security Encrypted Code.
  • After entering, you will be redirected to the main page to log in with the prisoner’s DOC ID number or First and Last name.
  • If someone enters the DOC ID number, they will be sent directly to the desired inmate’s profile. If the first and last name is entered, requesting party will have to search for the inmate.
  • The list includes names of Missouri state offenders with additional information such as date of birth, height, weight, and DOC ID number for future reference.
  • The offender’s profile shows arrest records like a small photo, aliases used, incarceration status, and more.

It is recommended to keep the DOC ID number safe to help for future reference and information access.

Firearm Possession Rules

The state of Missouri does not have any laws that require a firearm bond for possession of guns and ammunition. However, concealed carry licenses allow specific holders to carry firearms in restricted places like school functions, religious places, government offices by the Missouri County for public safety. 

A Class D Felony is given if the firearm holder has been convicted of a felony, is a fugitive from justice, is habitually drunk or drugged, or is legally considered mentally incompetent. Class E Felony is for those people who sell firearms to individuals under Class D Felony. 

The majority of Missouri County, like Cape Girardeau County, Audrain County, Livingston County, and more, do not allow possession of firearms to certain people like dishonorably discharged Former Military Members, anyone convicted of domestic violence misdemeanor and harassment 1st. In some cases, Probation violation would lead to revoked or modified arrest sentences depending on the severity of the violation.

Controlled Substance and Synthetic Cannabinoid Charges

A person can be taken into custody if they commit the offense of unlawful possession of controlled substance knowingly or unknowingly, except being authorized under chapter 195. A class D felony is described if the person holds any more than 35 grams or less of a marijuana synthetic cannabinoid. Class A misdemeanor is for more than 10 grams but 35 grams or less of marijuana synthetic cannabinoid. 

Class D misdemeanor is given for possession of not more than 10 grams of marijuana synthetic cannabinoid. If the accused has been guilty in previous arrest records related to a controlled substance, the offense is of Class A. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Missouri Inmates Lookup

How many prisons are in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Corrections (MODOC) has 21 facilities in the state of Missouri that include 2 community release centers. Some of these include Kansan City Correctional Center, Jefferson’s City Correctional Center, Chillicothe Correctional Center concerning Webster Street Chillicothe, and many more in different locations. 

How do I find out if someone is in jail in Missouri?

People looking for information regarding any of the inmates in Missouri County Jails can get access to records from the official Missouri Department of Correction Inmate Search page. The information like arrest records, incarcerated period, date of birth, and more can be accessed with the official DOC ID number or the first and last name of the inmate.  

How do I find someone’s DOC number?

To find relevant information about an inmate, the inmate’s DOC number or First and Last name is required. Those who do not have the DOC ID number of the particular inmate can get access to records by entering the inmate’s first and last name. This will show them the inmate’s profile with the DOC ID number mentioned. It is recommended to note the DOC ID number and store it for future references.

How do you find a person who is incarcerated?

A person incarcerated can be found in the Missouri Inmate Records provided by the Missouri Department of Corrections. More than 44,500 incarcerated people in the inmate records and information to a specific inmate can be found online with their DOC ID number.

How do I find out a prisoner’s release date?

A prisoner’s release date is mentioned in the MODOC Offender Search Website under their profile. Once logged into their profile with the DOC ID number or first and last name, the prisoner’s release date is mentioned along with the booking date and charges. 

How long does it take for an inmate to show up in the system?

An inmate’s information is added and opens for access in the system 2 hours after they arrive in the jail. The information is regularly updated depending on charges, period extensions, and release date. The inmate’s information is removed from the system 2 hours after they are released from jail. 

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