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To bring transparency into the judicial custody proceedings, courts of several states in the United States of America make these records open for general public access. Casenet is one such automated case management system where court case records and hearings in Missouri State have been stored and updated regularly for public access.

All records related to court hearings, scheduled hearings, sessions, and more are stored on the official Casenet website. However, the information available on this portal is only limited to the cases under the State of Missouri and no other states in the US. Information on Casenet can be accessed through multiple formats and options, provided the requesting party has relevant information for the search. Some of these are:

Missouri Casenet Pay by web

Pay by Web is an option provided by the Casenet portal of Missouri State for people wanting to pay court-related charges like court fees, charges, and other related payments. Once the requesting party has searched for their desired case from the Search options mentioned (Litigant Name, Filing Date, Case Number, and more), they can pay the required fees or charges mentioned in the case record.

The case details page will have the option to “Pay by Web” link. This link will redirect the person to the payment page for further processing. The link for Fine Collection Center Online Payments allows people to pay fines for traffic, conservation citations, and more. 

How to use Pay by Web to make Missouri Court related payments

People have the option to search their case from the search options mentioned from the official Casenet website: (, and pay the fees with the “Pay by Web link” option included.

A person also has the option to select their case and make the payments from the official Missouri Casenet Pay by Web website:

  • For people using the official Pay by Web website, information related to the case needs to be provided to enable the payment option. 
  • A person will have to select the court in which the proceedings or case registration took place from the drop-down menu provided. Payments cannot be made for cases apart from the courts mentioned in the drop-down menu.
  • The correct case number also needs to be provided to filter and search the appropriate case for payment. 
  • If the drop-down menu does not mention some of the courts under Missouri State, it may not be accepting Pay by Web payments for a temporary period. 
  • The Pay by Web page also has the option that helps search the Municipal or Ordinance Information. 
  • Once all the information has been added, people can further process the payment.

The official Casenet portal will charge a convenience fee for every payment made through a debit or a credit card. The convenience fee depends on the number of payments or transactions done on the portal. For an electronic check, the average convenience fee is 50 cents. Different payments have different convenience charges for each payment made. 

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  1. When looking up my fiancés case and attempting to help him pay fines (unknowingly& attempt to be helpful) I was directed to MBS…. An online payment site….. maybe. But under the pay now tab a totally different array of charges showed up. There’s also “court debt offsets” on one case of his. Why have I never been directed to MBS on any other casenet lookup?

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