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The State of Missouri uses Casenet to store data related to Court cases, hearings, case history, and more. Casenet is an automated management system that enables access to the general public for records related to Missouri courts. The state of Missouri uses Casenet to bring transparency in the judicial system and engage more public access and involvement.

The Missouri Casenet official website has access to public records and features like:

The General Public can access these records and features by going to the official Casenet website:

Missouri Court Scheduled Hearings/ Trials Records Lookup

General Public can access records related to a Court hearing and scheduled hearing shortly. People can view the records for a single day or the upcoming 7 days as a whole. To check the scheduled hearing records, they can either check for a particular Judge or a Commissioner, or they could search by an Attorney at a specific court.

The information required by a person to access these records would be the district in which they want to search, the starting date of the hearing, search period (Single day or for 7 days), and search by Judge/Commissioner or search by Attorney.

How to Search by Judge/Commissioner

People wanting to access records can choose the specific Judge or Attorney they would like to search by.

  • After logging into the official Casenet website for Scheduled Hearing/Trial: ⦁, people have to enter the case’s starting date and search period.
  • When searching by Judge/Attorney, people need to select the desired Judge or Attorney from the drop-down menu on the website.
  • Then the records have to be sorted by date and time for further narrowing of the search results.
  • People also have to provide the case number, the 1st Petitioner/Plaintiff for non-criminal cases, and the 1st Defendant/Respondent.
  • The desired records will be displayed instantly.

How to Search by Attorney

  • After accessing the official Casenet site and entering the required information (Starting date, search period), people need to select the “Search by Attorney” option.
  • The Search by Attorney option requires people to enter information such as the MOBAR # and the County of the Attorney.
  • After the information is entered, the records need to be sorted by date and time, which helps the system show the appropriate results.
  • A person also has to provide additional information like the Registered Case Number and the 1st Represented Party.
  • Records will be displayed according to all the above-provided information.

After the person requesting the information has added all the relevant information that helps the system navigate through records, the desired search results will be reflected. If the person does not know the case number, they can search for the case number on the official Casenet website.

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