How to Search Missouri Warrant Record (Lookup)

Missouri warrant search is an effort carried out by the state to provide its citizens the right to access criminal records. This warrant search lets ordinary people openly search and investigate to see if a certain somebody they know or is associated with has an arrest warrant or other kind of warrants on their identity.

it is possible after “The Freedom of Information Act” was issued. Now each person has the right to this kind of information to be wary of who they associate themselves with.

What is a Missouri warrant search?

Search Missouri Warrant Record

Warrant searching is a process by which anyone can check about a certain somebody’s past warrants or active warrants. Thus, you can know about a certain someone’s charges or if they had any criminal history, even if it’s minor.

The regulations on the searches differ from state to state. Although Missouri has a low crime rate compared to other states, it is still good to enact the law.

The Missouri government ensures the efficiency of the warrant database and data search with the help of three central systems. Those are –

  • Missouri Uniform Law Enforcement System

Highway Patrol Database – This is maintained and controlled by the Missouri State Highway Patrol in Jefferson City.

  • Automated Law Enforcement Response Team

Kansas City Database – This is maintained and controlled by the Kansas City Police Department.

  • Regional Enforcement Jurisdiction Information System

St. Louis Database – This is maintained and controlled by the Regional Enforcement Jurisdiction Information Services in St. Louis.)

How the process works:

Bench warrant searches are done when a citizen goes and makes an inquiry about the warrants of another person. It is usually free of cost or needs a small fee. The whole process is done online in the official database if you ask a local government authority to perform the search.

Also, if the bench warrant was issued in any other country and you know the country, you can get the information by searching for that county’s website.

Suppose the warrant was issued in Jackson country, then you can go and search for “warrants in Jackson country.” The Missouri arrest warrants are usually found at the Missouri County Sheriff’s office.

Obtaining information on arrest records and outstanding warrants in Missouri 

Every civilian can access the data in the state of Missouri. Thus, commoners can get their hands on criminal records and warrant lists. In addition, though the information obtained in the warrant searches is limited, if you are an approved employee or any government or local law enforcement agency, you get detailed information in your searches.

Why would someone do a MO Warrant Search?

There are several reasons as to why a certain someone may want to conduct a warrant search. Few reasons are business meetings, blind dates, wariness of people your children meet and greet, new neighbors, etc. It is safe and essential to do this as a means of safety and precaution.

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What is a Missouri Arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a legal document containing a court order that gives law enforcement officers legal authority to make arrests and conduct searches on private property. If any police officer or sheriff’s deputies, or district wants such a document, they must approach the court judge with valid reasons and proof.

For example, a Mo search warrant contains the signature of the court judge or magistrate to show that it is authorized. 

Arrest warrants contain the following information in Missouri –

  • Full name of the person against whom the warrant is made.
  • The alleged offense that they have committed or probable cause for arrest.
  • Date and location details of the arrest.
  • An expiry date that decides for how long the warranty is effective.
  • Name and signature of the person/authority issuing the warrant.
  • Date of issue.

**No officer or law personnel can arrest anyone without a warrant unless they witness the crime taking place or have a reasonable cause for arrests like any third-party injury or loss.

What is an Arrest Record?

Arrest records (also called a criminal record, colloquially RAP sheet, or police record) are the documentations that depict a person’s criminal history and conviction within a court of law. These data are usually available from law enforcement agencies in the state of Missouri.

Arrest warrants and arrests prove that an individual is charged with some crime, but it does not state whether they are guilty or not. Therefore, arrest records are needed to track whether the charged allegations proved the individual guilty or not.

In Missouri, the Criminal records of an individual provide the following information –

  • The crime committed by the individual / the reason for the arrest.
  • Details such as name, dob, gender of the concerned individual.
  • Details about where and when the arrest happened.
  • The officer in charge of the arrest.
  • Jail/detention center where the arrestee was imprisoned.
  • Name of the authority issuing the arrest warrant for the individual.

Missouri Warrant Lookup

Missouri Warrant Lookup is an effort by the government to collect debts of outstanding warrants and apprehending the accused individuals with an arrest warrant in their name. Thus, if you are listed on the warrant list, you can be arrested and taken into custody anytime.

So, it is better to go and check if you have any warrants on your name. The database is provided for all, so it is effortless to check your record all by yourself, or if you are unable to do so, go and talk to any local authority or sheriff’s office to search on your behalf. Doing so will spare you from the threat you feel when a warrant Lookup takes place. This way, you will be sure and confident of your records.

MO Warrant Search Frequently asked questions

How do I check if I have a warrant in Missouri?

The easiest way to know if you have a warrant in Missouri or not is to go and directly search online in the public record database. It is a highly efficient search. To do it, go to “Casenet” and then click on “litigant name search” and provide your last name, then click on the case number -> “docket entries” to see any warrant on your name. Unfortunately, few third-party websites do the trick too.

What is the website for case net in Missouri? is the official website for case net access in Missouri. On this website, you can go and obtain every record, including docket entries, parties, charges in the public court system, and judgments and probable cause. Other law enforcement agencies can also help you search along with the case net.

Can you bond out on a warrant?

You can immediately remove your arrest warrant by posting a cash bond. The cash bond amount is usually determined by the amount due on your warrant. But note that posting the bond amount does not mean that you automatically become guilty of your charge. It just means that you get a scheduled court date to go and discuss the case with the prosecutor and then stand in court in front of the judge later to receive the court’s judgment.

Should I turn myself in if I have a warranty? 

Turning yourself in is always better to avoid any search warrants or police officers turning up at your door. You can also reduce the stress of having a warrant in this way. After turning yourself in, it is better to find an excellent attorney to address your case and get your everyday life back.

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