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In the majority of the states in the United States of America, court records are made available online for public access. The court records of Missouri State are saved and updated on an online case management system known as Casenet. This platform is used by the judicial custody to make the court proceedings and records transparent to involve more public interactivity.

Casenet has records ranging from various sections of the judicial proceedings like:

To access these records, people can search up on the official Casenet site: www.courts.mo.gov.

Missouri Casenet Judgment Index Search

The Judgement Index Search is very similar to the Litigant Name Search procedure. In the Litigant Name Search procedure, the Litigant name is used for searching records of cases relevant to it. A person shall be aware of the last and middle name of the Litigant, along with the court name where the records need to be searched.

If a person searching for records is aware of the last name or middle name of the case or the Litigant, it becomes easier for the system to track and filter the appropriate results with the year of the case filing.

In case of Judgement Index Search, all the following procedure needs to be followed. However, the search result will show the final result or the Judgement of the court proceedings of a particular case.

How to Search with Judgement Index Search

  • Visit the section of Judgement Index Search on the official website of Missouri Casenet: Case.net: Name Search, Direct Link Judgment Index (mo.gov)
  • In the Judgement Index section, people searching for the final judgment have to provide the Last name and select the case from the drop-down menu under the required information section. People can also enable Include Alias Information for further information of Aliases.
  • The Casenet MO platform has the section to include optional information like the First and Last name section of the Litigant along with the Case Type and Year the case was filed. This helps the portal to narrow down results and provide the appropriate case information.
  • After all the required information is added, people can proceed ahead with the Find option to get their desired results for the Final Judgement.
  • For further details in the case history, Casenet provides the option to select searching with
    Municipal Division or Ordinance Court Information.

While the Litigant Name Search and Judgement Index Search have the same information requirements to be submitted, both the sections offer different search result outcomes. Litigant name shows records for court cases, while Judgement Index Search helps access the outcome or judgment in a court proceeding.

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