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The St. Louis County Municipal Court often referred to as the St.Louis County Circuit Court, is located in the St. Louis region in the state of Missouri, the United States of America. This courthouse was first opened in the year 1828 and was the first-ever courthouse in the city of St. Louis.

Even though around 200 years have gone by since its conception, it remains one of the most historically relevant courts in all of America.

There are two primary courthouses in the St. Louis Circuit Court – the Carnahan Courthouse and the Civil Courts Building. About 200 jury trials are conducted yearly.

St. Louis County court records
Missouri state – St. Louis County court

Other facilities in the court include a drug treatment court for nonviolent criminals, a detention facility, and a juvenile court. The court is also active in the city’s community groups and schools through public education.

The St. Louis County Circuit Court is the 21st Judicial Circuit of Missouri. It is the 21st Judicial Circuit because it is composed of 21 Circuit Judges.

Other staff includes 14 Associate Circuit Judges and 9 Commissioners. All the judges and commissioners have been assigned to a specific division, save the Deputy Commissioner and Probate Commissioner. The various divisions include municipal, small claim, family, probate, associate circuit, juvenile, and criminal.

The Presiding Municipal Judge of the 21st Judicial Circuit is Judge Michael D. Burton. The Court Administrator or the Director of Judicial Administration is Hope E. Whitehead. The Court’s Jury Supervisor is Joanne Martin.

The St. Louis County Circuit Court abides by the laws. It is committed to its duties of providing all offenders a just, open, independent, and efficient system to deliver justice impartially and fairly. It operates in the state of Missouri and efficiently carries out all duties required of it.

St. Louis CaseNet

St. Louis County Circuit Court implemented the use of CaseNet on May 24th, 2021. Case records of offenses committed after the aforementioned date can be accessed via CaseNet.

For cases before May 24th, 2021, information can be accessed via alternate methods.

CaseNet lets you access St.Louis County court records, St. Louis County criminal records, and St. Louis public records.

Here is a list of what type of information you can expect to find on CaseNet:

CaseNet is the online database established in the State of Missouri. It can be used to look up information regarding any criminal or civil case that has been filed in Missouri. Only information that has been deemed safe for the public can be accessed through this database.

Furthermore, only case information from JIS automated courts under the Missouri Judiciary is available. Information from Eastern Appellate, Supreme Courts, Western Appellate, Fine Collection Center, Southern Appellate, and individual Circuit Courts can be accessed.

As CaseNet is an online database, information can be accessed remotely and does not require travel to a specific court. Information can be accessed anytime and anywhere at no additional charges.

The primary type of information that is available on CaseNet includes Court Date, Party Name, Case Number, File Date, and Judgment Against.

CaseNet can be accessed via the official Missouri Judiciary website. Information that has been visible to the public will be shown here.

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Violations adjudicated by St. Louis County Circuit Court

The St. Louis County Circuit Court adjudicates the following below given violations:

  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Housing
  • Zoning
  • Health
  • Traffic
  • Driving while Intoxicated

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is responsible for ensuring the traffic laws are abided by everyone and safety is ensured. Those who are found to be breaking these rules are caught by the patrol and will have a case filed against them.

St. Louis County Circuit Court is one of the courts in the State of Missouri that handles such cases.

Virtual Court Sessions

Even though the hearings are virtual, the rules remain the same. All citizens who have received a court summons must make a court appearance mandatorily. If you fail to do so, it may result in a warrant being filed for your arrest. You must appear personally for your virtual hearing.

Following your hearing, if the court deems it necessary, a new court date might be additionally assigned to you. Please ensure you show up for this date as well.

It is essential to be on time for your scheduled hearing on your scheduled court date. Remember, you appear in a court of law. Please be dressed appropriately. Those who wear clothes mentioning profanities will be asked to leave the courtroom.

Be mindful of your fellow attendees and be respectful toward everyone. If you bring children, ensure they won’t be noisy and disrupt the court proceedings. Finally, switch off your cell phones or keep them on airplane/silent mode for the duration of the case.

Also Read:

Civil Cases:

  1. File Date
  2. Case Type
  3. Case Number
  4. Party address
  5. Party Name and Type
  6. Trial Judge Assigned
  7. Trial Judge at Disposition
  8. Disposition Type
  9. Docket Entries
  10. Active Attorneys’ names
  11. Active Attorneys’ addresses
  12. Year of Birth
  13. Satisfaction of Judgment
  14. Judgment date
  15. Judgment decision

Paternity Cases:

  • Judgments
  • Attorneys’ addresses
  • Attorneys’ names
  • Party type and name

Criminal Cases:

  1. Charges
  2. Case type and number
  3. Year of Birth
  4. Bond amount
  5. Disposition Type
  6. Defendant Name/Address
  7. File Date
  8. Disposition Date
  9. Sentence date
  10. Commissioner at disposition
  11. Commissioner assigned
  12. Attorneys’ names/addresses
  13. Docket entries
  14. Judgment date
  15. Violation date, code, and description

Supreme Court Cases:

  • Case parties
  • Date filed
  • Case number
  • Case style
  • Docket entries
  • Associated Attorneys
  • Case party address
  • Disposition date and type
  • Originating trial court

The bottom line

The St. Louis County Circuit Court is an important court in the United States of America. It is regularly used for many cases, both of the civil variety and criminal one. CaseNet gives you a convenient way to access information about cases filed in the State of Missouri. Find any information you wish about St. Louis from CaseNet.

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